How Amsterdam-Based Brand Hi-Tec Is Reinventing Outdoor Style

How Amsterdam-Based Brand Hi-Tec Is Reinventing Outdoor Style

Remember that photo of Dad looking great in the great outdoors way back in the day? You’re about to make that kind of magic with these clothes.
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There was a time in men’s fashion when transitioning from work to happy hour meant simply untucking a dress shirt, when segueing between a long flight and a client dinner was just a matter of wearing your suit on the plane, when going from the gym to dinner with your partner resulted in your showing up to sushi in...well, sweaty basketball shorts. But the style gods have been kinder on men over the past couple of years, offering up gear that makes those everyday transitions much more seamless, stylish, and comfortable, too. These days, performance clothes are as nice as work clothes, and work clothes are as functional as performance clothes. Now, you can flex just as hard on the basketball court as you can on a date—even in the same gear if you’re so inclined. And technical sneakers look so good, you technically never have to take them off.

London-born, Amsterdam-based Hi-Tec is one of the brands responsible for ushering in this Golden Era of Moisture-Wicking Everything (though, in truth, they’ve had a few years to hone their craft, having launched their iconic lightweight hiker over 40 years ago). Hi-Tec’s new apparel collection leverages that experience to create head-to-toe gear built for the great outdoors. And by great outdoors we mean London, Stockholm, New York City, and yes, the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Of course, while Hi-Tec makes the transition between city and nature infinitely more seamless, you can’t go on style autopilot completely. Here’s how to style the sportswear and outdoor gear up for your urban adventures—and then later, when you’re way out in the wilderness, too. (Ideally with reception, should you want to document how stylish you look while Class 2 scrambling.)


Sticking with neutral colors in monochromatic tones is a great way to elevate basic, functional clothes for work or other more formal settings, where anything doesn’t go. Stay classic with navy, go tough with black, or be all Zen-like with shades of tan—Hi-Tec does them all and without heavy graphics and logos, which will help you look more like a luxury god than a hypebeast.

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These streamlined pieces not only look more expensive, they also make it easier to mix and match them with your everyday clothes, too. A performance vest or jacket—or even both layered together—and sneakers will give your favorite pants and T-shirts “heading out of town” energy, without making you feel underdressed for a breakfast meeting or urban commute. Hi-Tec also makes office-friendly shirting with technical properties if you want to truly look like a CEO and still be able to put a tent together before the sun goes down that night.


Hi-Tec’s motto is “comfortable anywhere,” and they really mean it. No matter what Mother Nature is throwing your way, no matter how challenging your trek or bare-bones your accommodations, you’re going to feel good in their water-repelling, sun-protecting, quick-drying clothing. (Or as good as possible under the circumstances.) Of course, dressing in layers is also key to maintaining comfort while roughing it. Hi-Tec’s lightweight fabrics make it easy to squeeze three or four layers into one look seamlessly.

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And while comfort should come first in these situations, style doesn’t have to get thrown out the window in the process. Layer up in neutrals or earthy shades of ochre and green, then throw in some personal accessories—a vintage bandanna or lucky water bottle—and you’re the style king of the ’19 group camping trip.

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