At Hi-Tec, we are proud of our products and stand by our workmanship and
quality material, this enables us to be confident when it comes to offering
a twelve-month Manufacturer’s Warranty on all Hi-Tec footwear. We will
ensure they’re replaced or refunded (as long as they’ve been correctly
fitted and maintained in accordance with our care instructions).

If you believe that the footwear you have purchased is defective as a
result of our manufacturing processes or materials, please return the
product to the approved reseller that you purchased our product. The
warranty is void if the footwear has been abused or damaged beyond
normal wear and tear or has been fitted incorrectly.

Please note that the purchase receipt will need to be valid while adhering
to the twelve-month timeframe. Valid claims will receive credit or
replacement pair. Denstock has the right to assess any claim by a photo
to ensure a speedy resolution, this ensures that the end-user experiences
limited delay. Always dry wet footwear at room temperature and never in
front of direct heat or out in direct sunlight.

If you have any queries, please get in contact with our friendly team at